Yuta (Lisa Wilcox)   An Acamarian and member of the clan Tralesta,
she was Sovereign Marouk's chef and chief food taster.  Yuta was the
last surviving member of the Acamarian Tralesta clan that had been
massacred in 2286 by the rival Lornak clan.  Though she appeared to
be a woman in her twenties, her body had been altered to dramatically
reduce her rate of aging so that she could exact revenge against the
Lornaks.  Her body was infused with a genetically engineered
microvirus that was harmless to all except the members of the Lornak
clan.  Over the next century, Yuta was successful in murdering nearly
all members of the Lornak clan by exposing them to this microvirus.  
Commander Riker was attracted to her, but after determining her true
purpose, he was forced to kill her to prevent her from assasinating
Chorgan, the Gatherer Leader and the last member of the Lornak
clan.  Yuta's victims included Volnoth and PerthorMul.
~ The Star Trek Encyclopedia
Such a sweet person. And very
pretty!  I met Lisa at
DragonCon 2002.  She was
very surprised at the turnout of
fans, but she was ready for
thier questions.  When asked,
Lisa admited that Johnathan
Frakes was indeed a very good
kisser.  She also stated that
she wanted the role of Yuta to
carry on with a relationship with
Riker instead of dying.  But she
said she had a blast on the
show nonetheless.  I was taken
aback at how pretty she was in
real life.  The camera doesn't
do her justice.  Keep up the
smiles Lisa, you've made a new
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