VIR COTTO (Stephen Furst) Vir Cotto was appointed as attache to
Ambassador Londo Mollari in 2258 mainly because his family
wanted him as far away as possible. Vir was later reassigned to the
Minbari homeworld in 2260 as head of the Centauri mission on
Minbar. He was removed from that duty when it was discovered he
was covertly smuggling Narns off their homeworld under the guise of
"Abrahamo Lincolni", a fictional Centauri noble supposedly of the
Centauri Relocation Bureau.  Vir likes beepy gadgets and video
games and is generally nervous in political situations. His hatred of
Mr. Morden was evident and felt the alliance with the Shadows was a
bad idea from the start. After the Shadow war, Vir received his wish to
wave at Mr. Morden's head on a pike. Later, it was Vir who
assassinated the Centauri Emperor after an escape by G'Kar didn't
go quite as planned.   It has been stated that Vir will follow Londo as
the Centauri Emperor in 2277.
What a great guy!! Funny, yet very serious about his charities.  Pure of heart.  I
met him at a Slanted Fedora convention in 2000.   A fabulous guest.  Wouldn't
mind seeing him again.
Stephen Furst came to the public's attention in the classic comedy film "National Lampoon's Animal House," playing the role of
Flounder at the legendary fraternity. He also appeared for five years on the highly successful television series "St. Elsewhere"
as Dr. Elliott Axelrod. He has starred in numerous other television series including "Misery Loves Company," "Have Faith" and
"Delta House," and has also appeared in the television movies "Spies," "Offsides," and "If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium," as
well as the mini-series "The Bastard" and "The Day After." On the big screen, Furst's credits include "Little Big Foot." Furst, who
has also directed several projects including the independent features "The Magic Kid" and "Hand Full of Wind," has also
directed several episodes of "Babylon 5" and "Crusade."

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