What a lively person Nichelle is.  The first time I
met her was on one of Joe Motes'
Cruises .   I got to see her act in one of the
plays that the stars put on for us during the
cruise.  She was by far having the most fun out
of all of them.  Cheers Nichelle on being a
great guest.  There is no doubt she loves her
I'm in the middle. Click on the picture for a larger view.
Uhura. (Nichelle Nichols). Communications officer aboard the
original Starship Enterprise under Captain James Kirk.  Born in
2239, her name is derived from the Swahili word for "freedom."...
A highly skilled technician, Uhura was also a talented musician,
and enjoyed serenading her fellow crew members with song.  
Her memory was wiped clean in 2267 by the errant space probe
Nomad, requiring her to be re-educated.   Following the
reassignment of the original Enterprise to Starfleet Academy in
2284, Uhura served at Starfleet Command on Earth.  Uhura was
scheduled to give a seminar at the Academy in 2393 although
she volunteered to return to her old post on the Enterprise-A at
Kirk's request prior to the historic Khitomer conference.
-The Star Trek Encyclopedia
The second time I got to met Nichelle was at DragonCon
2002 where I brought my books to be signed.  She charged
$$$ for signing so due to budget restraints I had her sign
only two of the three.  Next time I'll be more prepared and
will have her sign the sequeal to Saturn's child.
Nichelle signing my books
Nichelle sings during a panel discussion.
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