I've met Julia twice now.  Once at a
Vulkon con and the most recent at
Dragoncon 2002.  A very sweet
lady, and she told me that when
this episode (Arsenal of Freedom)
was filmed, she was 6 months
pregnate!!   Ahhh to be that thin.  
Well, she was a pretty good sport
about meeting her fans from both
Star Trek and from Babylon 5
where whe played the girlfriend of
Sinclare.  Julia  sat on a few of the
panels during the weekend, and
was very informative with her
answers to fan questions. Great
job Julia. Till next time.
T'su, Ensign Lian (Julia Nickson)   
Relief-operations manager aboard the
Enterprise-D   TSu took ops when Data beamed
down to planet Minos to investigate the
disappearance of the Drake.
Julia Nickson also played Cassandra in "Paradise"
(DS9), and Catherine Sakari on Babylon 5.
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