Talia Winters is a telepath, rating P5. Her PSI
abilities seem to have been enhanced when she
helped her former lover Jason Ironheart came to the
station. His telepathic abilities were enhanced by
genetic experiments and he became another being.
When he left, he gave Talia a gift and said 'see you
in a million years', then he disappeared. The PSI
cop Bester could not scan her at all and she seems
to have telekenetic powers as well. Recently, her
personality had been destroyed. She was involved
in a Sleeper program where a new personality is
created in the person and put into the subcontious.
The person with the other personality doesn't even
know it's there. When the password was sent to her
brain, the implanted personality took control, and
her real personality was destroyed.
Info from:  Bob's B5 Archive
Andrea Thompson is really quite the
sweetheart.  At least that what all my
male friends said at the
2002 Convention.  They just wanted
to hear her talk in that smokey, sultry
voice of hers.  Personally, I think her
voice is very soothing, but her
personality is the most outstanding
part of her.  Thanks Andrea for
coming to DragonCon.
Andreas Katsulas
Peter Jurasik
Steve Austin
Andrea Thompson
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