George Takei has a wonderful laugh, and a grand sense of humor to
go along with it. He loves his fans...for example: at a
convention in Atlanta (2001) I went with Joe Motes to pick up Robin
Curtis at Hartsfield Int'l Airport... upon our return to the hotel...
Fiance' Sean
was sitting with George at the bar having a beer and
laughing it up.  
Geezze!  You must met George at least once.  A
wonderful guest not to be missed at a convention.
I also met George Takei at a Slanted Fedora
convention January 2002 where he gave a
performance of a lifetime.... his singing!  Thanks
George, that is one performance I'll never forget.
Sulu, Hikaru.  (George Takei).  Helm officer aboard the original
Starship Enterprise under the command of Captain James Kirk.  
Sulu, born in 2237 in San Francisco on Earth, was initially
assigned as a physicist aboard the Enterprise in 2265, but later
transferred to the helm.

Sulu assumed command ofthe Starship Excelsior in 2290 and
subsequently conducted a three-year scientific mission of
cataloging gaseous planetary anomalies in the Beta Quadrant.  
Sulu and the Excelsior played a pivotal role in the historic Khitomer
peace conference of 2293 by helping to protect the conference
against Federation and Klingon forces seeking to disrupt the peace
process.  During the incident, Sulu demonstrated his loyalty and
courage when he risked his ship and his career by violating
Starfleet orders and attempting a rescue of former shipmates
James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy.  During the attempted rescue,
Sulu narrowly escaped a Klingon patrol commanded by Captain
Kang in the Azure Nebula.  Sulu never entered the incident into his
official log.
Sulu had a wide range of hobbies, including botany and fencing.  
The latter interest surfaced when Sulu suffered the effects of the
Psi 2000 virus in 2266, and Sulu threatened everyone in sight with
a foil.  Old-style handguns were another of Sulu's hobbies, and he
ad always wanted a Police Special in his collection.
Hikaru Sulu had a daughter, Demora sulu, born in 2271.
Starfleet Command honored Sulu's contributions to space
exploration by displaying his portrait in Starfleet Headquarters in
San Francisco.

~The Star Trek Encyclopedia
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