A soft spoken man at first
glance... then he warms
up.  Quite the intelect
Brad Dourif is.  I met him
DragonCon 2003 and
attended his LOTR panel.
 He had lots of stories to
tell about LOTR, but was
limited on the STVOY
stories.  Very personable
kind of guy though.
Ensign Lon Suder Played
by Brad Dourif    Maquis
fighter, engineer, and
homicidal Betazoid. Suder
joined the U.S.S. Voyager
in 2371, but killed a
crewmate in 2372. Later in
2372 Suder died saving
the Voyager crew.
Suder, Lon. (Brad Dourif).  Crew member on the Starship Voyager, found guilty of murder in 2372.
 Suder had committed violent crimes years before, and attempts at treatment and rehabilitation
had been unsuccessful.  Suder had been a member of the Maquis, and had served with fellow
Voyager crew members Chakotay and B'Elanna Torres during severeal skirmishes with
Cardassian forces before coming onboard the Voyager in 2371, accepting an assignment as an
engineer.  In 2372, Suder murdered fellow Voyager engineer Frank Darwin.  Although Betazoid,
Suder felt no remorse for his crime and could not embody the emotions of others.  Voyager
security officer Tuvok, learning that Suder had committed violent crimes in the past, performed a
mind-meld with Suder in hopes of finding reason for Suder's madness.  Unfortunately, the only
result was that Tuvok experienced a temporary, violent loss of emotional self control.  Suder was
subsequetly ordered to spend the rest of Voyager's journey impresoned in his quarters.  
("Meld"[VGR]).  While incarcerated, Suder became proficient at floriculture, an interest
that he gained from his mind-meld with Tuvok.  Suder even named a new hybrid orchid after
Tuvok.  Suder escaped imprisonment in late 2372 when Kazon-Nistrim forces captured the
Voyager, and was the only organic Voyager crew member remaining on-board after the ship's
crew was put off at planet Hanon IV.   Suder was instrumental in helping to retake the ship from
the Nistrim, but he was killed by a Kazon soldier while doing so.  ("basics, Parts I and
II" [VGR]).  Brad Dourif also portrayed Piter De Vries, the mentat in the movie version of
Frank Herbert's novel Dune.

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