When I was groing up, other than
Star Trek, I fell in love with another
sci-fi tv show... Battlestar
Galactica.  I made sure my
homework and chores were done
so I could stay up to watch.  If I
was grounded, and being
punished I was not allowed to
watch BG.  HOWEVER, I did
manage to sneak down the hall,
and ever so carefully manuver my
body to glimps the tv screen
sideways without my parents
knowing, and watch.  Many times I
had to scramble back to my room if
I heard them moving about.  But, I
did get to watch those times only
by sneaking a peek.    See Below
I finally got to meet Dirk at
DragonCon 2001.  Wow, was I
ever the giddy little school girl at
age 34.  I told him about me
sneaking a peek when
grounded, and he wrote
this on
a free autograph of Face.
The joke is... where was MY hand during the first picture...

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