Mr. Nimoy is a great speaker.  I have seen him in
person 3 times, but I've never had the opportunity
for a photo with him... sorry.  He is still a very
dynamic individual.  I hope he does more
conventions as I enjoy his stories and his voice.  
Very soothing.
Not only is he a talented Film Director now, but
he has also published books of poetry, illustrated
with his own photos from his hobby of Black and
White Photography.  One of these books is
called, "Why Not You and I?".  It is very moving
and easy to read.
Spock (Leonard Nimoy).  Science officer aboard the original Starship
Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.  Born 2230
on planet Vulcan. His mother Amanda Grayson, was a human
school-teacher from Earth, and his father Sarek, was a diplomat from
Vulcan.  As a result, he was torn between two worlds, the stern
dicipline of Vulcan logic and the emotionalism of his human side.  
The struggle to reconcile his two halves would torment him for much
of his life.  Spock's Starfleet service number was S179-276 SP.  As of
2267, he had earned the Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor, had
been twice decorated by Starfleet Command, and held an A7
computer expert classification.  His blood type was T-negitive.

Childhood and family:  When he was five years old, Spock came
home upset because Vulcan boys had tormented him, saying he
wasn't really Vulcan.  As a child, Spock had a pet sehlat, sort of a live
Vulcan teddy bear.  Spock was raised with an older half-brother,
Sybok, until Sybok was ostracized from Vulcan society because he
rejected the Vulcandogma of pure logic.  Spock himself endured
considerable antihuman prejudice on the part of many Vulcans, an
experience that may have later made it easier for Spock to find a
home in the interstelar community of Starfleet.  At age seven, Spock
was telepathically bonded with a young Vulcan girl named T'Pring.  
Less than a marriage, but more than a betrothal, the telepathic touch
would draw the two together when the time was right after both came
of age.  Spock experienced Pon Farr, the powerful mating drive, in
2267, and he was compelled to return to Vulcan to claim T'Pring as
his wife.  T'Pring spurned Spock in favor of Stonn, freeing Spock.  
Spock's father, Sarek, had hoped his son would attend the Vulcan
Sciance Academy, and was bitterly disapointed when Spock instead
chose to join Starfleet.  Spock and his father had not spoken as
father and son for 18 years when a medical emergancy drew them

Aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise:  Spock was the first Vulcan to enlist in
the Federation Starfleet, and he distinguished himself greatly as
science officer aboard the original U.S.S. Enterprise.  His logical
Vulcan thought-patterns proved of tremendous value when Spock
first served aboard the Enteerpriese during the command of Captain
Christopher Pike.  (Spock said he worked with Pike for 11 years, 4
months, which suggests he was young enough when he first came
aboard the Enterprise that he was probably still attending Starfleet
Academy.  Because of this, we speculate that Spock's first year on
the Enterprise was as a cadet.)  Under the command of James Kirk,
Spock suffered infection by parasites on planet Deneva in 2267, an
intensely painful experience.  He survived the Denevan neural
parasites after being exposed to intense electromagnetic radiation
that drove the parasites from his body.  Spock was briefly feared to
have been blinded by the light, but it was later learned that his
Vulcan inner eyelid had protected his vision.  Spock was critically
wounded on Tyree's planet in 2267 with an ancient weapon known
asa flintlock.  He survived, using a Vulcan healing technique in which
the mind concentrates on the injured organs.  Following the
conclusion of Kirk's five=year mission, Spock retired from Starfleet,
returning to Vulcan to pursue the Kolinahr discipline.  Although he
completed the training, intended to purge all remaining emotion,
Spock nontheless failed to achieve Kolinahr bacause his emotions
were stirred by the V'Ger entity in 2271.  Spock subsequently
remained with Starfleet and was eventually promoted to Enterprise
captain when that ship was assigned as a training vessel at Starfleet

Death and rebirth:  Spock was killed in 285 while saving the
Enterprise from the detonation of the Genesis Device by Khan
Noonien Singh.  His body was consigned to space, but unknown to
anyone at the time, his casket landed on the Genesis Planet.  
Although believed dead at the time, Spock had, just prior to his
death, mind-melded with McCoy.  Spock had apparently intended for
his friend to return Spock's katra to Vulcan in accordance with Vulcan
custom.  The presence of Spock's living spirit in McCoy's mind was
later found to be an extrodinary opportunity to reunite Spock's body
and spirit when his body was found to have been regenerated on the
Genesis Planet.  The fal-to-pan process was conducted at Mount
Seleya on Vulcan, supervised by high prestess T'Lar.  Later, Spock
underwent several months of re-education, during which his mind
was instructed in the Vulcan way, but his mother, Amanda, was
concerned that he regain knowledge of his human heritage as well.  
Spock elected to returne to Earth with his shipmates from the
Enteprise to face charges stemming from Kirk's violation of Starfleet
regulations in Spock's rescue.

Later career:  In later years, Spock's work became more diplomatic
than scientifiec, even while he was still part of Starfleet.  At the
request of Ambassador Sarek, Spock served as Federation special
envoy to the Klingon government in 2293, paving the way for the
Khitomer peace accorads with Chancellor Azetbur.  In 2368, Spock
secretly traved to Romulus, on a personal mission to further the
cause of Romulan-Vulcan re-unification.  Spock's disappearance
caused great consternation among Federation authorities, and the
Enterprise-D was dispatched to determine his wereabouts and
intentions.  Spock's contact on Romulus was Senator Pardek, who
was believed to have met spock during the Khitomer conference in
2293.  Pardek was later learned to be an agent of the conservative
Romulan government, seeking to use Spock's initiative to cover an
attempted Romulan invasion of Vulcan.  Following the attempted
invasion, Spock chose to remain underground on Romulus in hopes
of furthering the cause of re-unification.  Spock continued his
activities in the Romulan underground, and in 2369 helped arrange
the defection of Romulan Vice-Procounsul M'ret to the Federation.  
Spock indicated he believed the escape of M'ret would help establish
an escape route for other Romulan dissidents who lived in fear for
their lives.  ...

As far as we know, Spock remained on Romulus. ...
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