Bruce Boxleitner is incredibly funny in a very down to
Earth kind of way,  unlike Jerry Doyle, Bruce Boxleitner is
clean fun.  However, Saturday night Bruce and Jerry gave
us our money's worth of entertainment for the convention
in about 2 hours. A show never to miss.  Both were
extremely fan friendly and were available almost the entire
convention (
Vulkon), including the hotel bar and Dinner
Banquet.  When at the convention both were asked to tell
their side of the F16 adventure stories, they each had thier
own different versions. A story you mustn't miss.
President John J Sheridan is the President of the Interstellar Alliance . He was formerly a Captain in Earthforce and
commander of Babylon 5. After his actions against his own government, to free Earth from President Clark's reign of terror,
Captain Sheridan resigned from Earthforce in exchange for amnesty for all those who served under him in the fight against
President Clark.   He is the only person to survive Z'ha'dum. After he leapt into the pit on Z'ha'dum, just before he destroyed the
Shadow capital with two thermonuclear devices, he fell and he died. Lorien, the first one, extended his life after Sheridan saw
that he had something to live for, Delenn. He has about 20 years of life left before he will simply stop.   He and Delenn have
recently been married.
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