The very first 'star' I ever
met.  On a plane bound to
Tampa Bay, Florida, from
San Diego, California, my
father sat next to Jimmy
and didn't even know it
(note beard + a few years).  
I   (at age 9) wouldn't
believe who he was until he
spoke in the Scot accent.  
Then and only then did I
believe him.  Then we
chatted about Warp Drive!!!
He was astonished that a
nine year old GIRL was
interested in Star Trek and
could actually discuss
Warp Drive.
Here I am with Jimmy once again, but this time
I brought the 8x10 picture of when we first met,
had him sign one, and gave him a copy.    
Here, Jimmy is still doing what he loves the
most, meeting his fans.  
Dragon Con 2001
Scott, Montgomery. (James Doohan).  Also known as "Scotty".  Chief
engineer aboard the original Starship Enterprise under the command
of Captain James Kirk.  Scott's Starfleet scerial number was SE
19754.T.  Scott's engineering career began in 2243, and he served
on a total of 11 ships, including a stint as an engineering advisor on
the asteroid neva, making the cargo run a couple of times.  The
original U.S.S. Enterprise was the first starship on which Scott served
as chief engineer, and he distinguished himself many times in that
position by improvising engineering miracles that more than once
saved the ship and its crew.  While serving aboard the original
Enterprise, Scott once suffered from a near-fatal accelerated aging
disease.  He was actually killed in 2267 by space probe Nomad,
although the errant probe later returned Scott to life.

Scotty was scheduled to retire some three months after the Khitomer
peace conference incident in 2293, and had bought a boat in
anticipation of having more free time.  Later that year, Scott was an
honored guest at the launch of the Starship Enterprise-B.  Captain
James T. Kirk was lost and believed killed on that flight.  Scott finally
did retire in 2294 at the age of 72, having served in Starfleet for 51
years.  He was in the process of relocating to the retirement
community at the Norpin Colony when has transport ship, the
Jenolen, crashed into a Dyson Sphere.  Scott, the only one who lived
through the crash, survived for 75 years by suspending himself inside
a transporter beam.  He was rescued in 2369 by an away team from
the Enterprise-D.  Following his rescue, Scott embarked for parts
unknown aboard a shuttlecraft "loaned" to him by Enterprise Captain

Scott never married, but he became romantically involved with fellow
crew member Mira Romaine in 2269.  That relationship ended when
Romaine transferred to Memory Alpha.

~The writers of Star Trek Generations were indeed aware that
Scotty, in "Relics", seemed to think that Kirk was still alive, in
contradiction of Kirk's apparent death in Star Trek Generations.  
"Relics" had been produced before it was known that Kirk would die
in Generations, and the decision to include Scotty despite the error
was motivated simply by fondness for Doohan's character, and the
desire to see him one more time.  James Doohan also provided many
voices for the original Star Trek series, including Trelane's father,
Sargon, the M-5 computer, and the Melkotian buoy.  - The Star Trek
Since then I met
Jimmy several times at
various conventions
throughout the
Southeast.  One time
in 1991, at Walt
Disney's MGM, I
approached him
walking down the main
street when he
recognised me, and
called me by name!   
That was a real treat.
The last time I met Jimmy, I had him sign a few books
I had of his.  Great reading.  A must read for fans.
There is a 3rd volume, I just don't have  it signed
I am saddened to announce the passing of James
Doohan.  He will forever have a special place in my
heart for his kindness he has shown me and his
adoring fans throughout the years.  Mr. Doohan
died 7/20/05 at the age of 85.  He will truely be
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