Na'Toth is a skilled warrior. She proved her loyalty to
G'Kar, when she rescued G'Kar from an assassin. Her
family had a Shon'Kar (Blood Oath) against the
"Deathwalker" Jha'dur. She tried to kill Deathwalker
when she came to Babylon 5, to honour her family.
Na'Toth does not believe in the book of G'Quan as
deeply as G'Kar. After the bombing of Narn, by the
Centauri, Na'Toth was lost. What happened to her after
that is unknown.   (Na'Toth was played by Caitlin Brown
in Season 1, and Mary Kay Adams in Season 2.)
My very first Slanted Fedora
Convention is where I met Mary
Kay Adams.  What a lovely person
both inside and out.  She was a hit
with the guys, including mine.  By
the end of the convention she had
them eating out of her hand (so to
speak).  A great guest, and a
wonderful person.  She even
brought her mother along to enjoy
the show.  What a neat thing to do.
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