Though I never
did get to meet
Mr. Kelley, I have
heard that he
was a 'southern
gentleman' thru
and thru.

Rest In Peace
Deforest Kelley.  
You are missed
and will always
be remembered
by your fans.
This is from his last signing.
McCoy, Dr. Leonard H. (DeForest Kelley).  Chief medical officer
aboard the oringinal Starship Enterprise under the command of
Captain James Kirk.  As of 2267 McCoy had earned the Legion of
Honor, and had been decorated by Starfleet surgeons.  Prior to his
assignment to the Enterprise, McCoy had been romantically involved
with the future Nancy Crater.  McCoy first joined the Enterprise crew in
2266, and remained associated with that illustrious ship and its
successor for some 27 years.  In 2267, McCoy suffered a serious
overdose of cordrazine in a shipboard accident.  In the paranoid
delusions that followed, McCoy fled the ship, then jumped through a
time portal being studied by Enterprise personnel.  In the past, McCoy
effected serious damage to the flow of time until Kirk and Spock
followed him to restore the shape of history ("The City on the Edge of
Forever").  In 2268, McCoy was diagnosed with terminal
xenopolycythemia and chose to resign from Starfleet so that he could
marry a woman named Natira, high priestess of the Yonadan people.  
McCoy rejoined Starfleet after a cure was found in the Yonadan
memory banks.  McCoy retired from Starfleet after the return of the
Enterpise from the five-year mission, but he returned to Starfleet at
Kirk's request   when the ship intercepted the V'Ger entity near Earth.  
McCoy, along with Kirk, was wrongly convicted for the murder of
Klingon Chancellor Gorkon in 2293, a conviction that was later
overturned.  McCoy was scheduled to retire shortly after the Khitomer
peace conference, but he either changed his mind, or later returned to
Starfleet.  As a retired Starfleet admiral, McCoy made an inspection
tour of the Enterprise-D in 2364 at the age of 137.
- The Star Trek Encyclopedia
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