I worked the Atlanta Vulkon convention in May of
2002, and assisted the stars in whatever they needed.
This is "JG"  thanking me for my help.  What a great
guest.  Extremely fan friendly, especially to fellow
Klingons, and made an appearance at the local room
parties to share in Bloodwine.

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Klingon warrior who rose through the ranks to become Gowron's right-hand man and
eventually replace him as Chancellor of the High Council. In 2372 General Martok
commanded the empire's defense forces during a massive invasion on Cardassia,
brought about by suspicions that the Cardassian Detapa Council was under the
control of Dominion shapeshifters. Martok led the attack from his flagship, the
Negh'Var, but his mission was thwarted when the Cardassian council was rescued by
Captain Sisko of Deep Space 9. Martok subsequently turned his attack onto the
Federation-controlled station, but Gowron decided to end the battle and return home
over Martok's objections.   It was not realized that sometime before 2373, Martok was
captured by the Dominion while hunting sabre bear on Kang's Summit and replaced
by a Shapeshifter. The imposter wielded influence upon Gowron, urging him to war
with the Federation over the Archanis IV dispute, but was also poised to take over
when the Founders tried to bring about the assassination of Gowron. However, the
imposter was exposed and killed at Ty'Gokor. Meanwhile, the real Martok was being
held by the Jem'Hadar at Dominion Internment Camp 371 in the Gamma Quadrant,
where he was forced to fight Jem'Hadar in hand-to-hand combat, which caused the
loss of his left eye. He escaped in 2373 along with Worf, Dr. Bashir and Garak, and
returning to the Alpha Quadrant, he was made commander of the Klingon forces on
Deep Space 9.   Later that year Martok assumed command of the bird-of-prey
Rotarran under orders to search for the missing battle cruiser I.K.S. B'Moth. He
found himself with a crew demoralized by a series of punishing losses at the hands of
the Jem'Hadar. Although they were badly in need of a victory, Martok proceeded
cautiously, so much so that Worf believed he was paralyzed by fear of the Jem'Hadar
and challenged him for control in a death match. Seeing Martok and the crew
revitalized by the bloodlust on display, Worf let Martok win, and the ship
subsequently defeated an enemy vessel and rescued the 35 survivors of the B'Moth.
So grateful was Martok that he made the Worf a member of the House of Martok.
Later he granted the same honor to Worf's son, Alexander Rozhenko.   Martok's wife
was Sirella, who carried the title of Mistress of the House of Martok and therefore
had to approve of Worf's bride, Jadzia Dax, before they could get married. Martok
and Sirella had a number of children together. Martok was a complex man. He was a
shrewd judge of character and cared deeply about those under his command.
Martok even appointed Worf as first officer on a dangerous mission to Monac IV in
early 2375 so that Worf could earn entry into Sto-Vo-Kor for his Jadzia, who had
recently died. But he could also be ruthless, having had Kaybok of the I.K.S. M'Char
executed in 2372 for disobeying orders.   On Stardate 51247.5 Martok was promoted
to supreme commander of the Ninth Fleet, stationed at Deep Space 9 to defend the
strategically critical Bajor Sector against Dominion and Cardassian aggression.
Martok commanded the Klingon wing of the allied Alpha Quadrant fleet that
successfully captured the Chin'toka System from Dominion control in 2374. Martok's
battlefield acumen was critical in several victories by the Alpha Quadrant powers.
Unfortunately, the resulting accolades caused Chancellor Gowron to fear that Martok
might soon become a political rival for leadership of the High Council. In 2375
Gowron seized direct command of the Klingon military and ordered Martok to
undertake a series of foolhardy combat engagements, resulting in terrible losses
among Klingon forces. Martok was blamed for these costly defeats, but refused to
question Gowron, even though he knew that Gowron had intended the missions to
undermine Martok's image. It was Worf who challenged Gowron and subsequently
killed him. By all rights Worf was entitled to assume leadership of the High Council,
but he declined and instead handed the title of Chancellor to Martok. Martok
continued to command Klingon forces in the Allied invasion on Cardassia that
resulted in the surrender of the Dominion. Seeing the devastation inflicted upon the
Cardassian people in the war's aftermath, Martok's comrades Admiral Ross and
Captain Sisko refused to partake in a victory toast of bloodwine, but Martok had no
problem downing the drink by himself. He later collaborated with Admiral Ross to
offer Worf the position of Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS. Worf accepted, which
delighted Martok because now he had someone to go targ hunting with.
When auditioning for the role of Martok for "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993), the casting
director told him to show more anger so he threw a chair at a wall. The display cost him a
thumbnail, but won him the role.
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