Christine Chapel, MD
Played by:  Majel Barrett
Final Rank:  Commander
Assignment: Dir Of EM
Education:   Nursing
school, Starfleet Medical
Lwaxana Troi -
Betazoid Ambassador,
daughter of the Fifth
House, holder of the
sacred chalice of Rixx and
hier to the Holy rings of
The first time I met Majel
and Gene was on the
SeaTrek Cruises .  Sadly
Gene died before I could
meet him again.  The last
thing he said to me was
"You should quit
smoking".   Well Gene
you would be proud.  I
have stopped.  I met
Majel again at another
Vulkon Convention   and
once again at a different
convention in Atlanta, GA.
She has a few fan sites as
well as her own:  ;
5th House ,
Roddenberry.Com .  She
is very busy continuing
Gene's Work.
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