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Engineer aboard the U.S.S. Voyager serving under B'Elanna Torres. Carey was briefly named acting chief
engineer when the original officer in that position was killed during the ship's violent passage to the
Delta Quadrant in 2371. He was disappointed when Captain Janeway later named Torres for the
position of chief engineer, but he soon recognized her superior abilities.   Lt. Carey had a wife and two
small sons back home, but sadly never reunited with them after Voyager got lost in the Delta Quadrant.
He died in 2378 during a hostage situation on a planet that had been devastated by antimatter radiation
that resulted from contact with the Friendship 1 probe. Carey was to be released to Voyager in exchange
for food and medicine, but the leader of the captors shot him through the heart just before he transported
up, and he arrived in Sickbay dead.   One of Carey's hobbies was model building. When he died he had
been working on a Voyager version of a "ship-in-a-bottle," and only had one nacelle left to complete it.
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