What a super guy!   He
DragonCon 2002
because Pat Talman had to
cancel at the last minute.  I
was estatic that Peter was
asked to come in her place.  
What a treat it was for us fans
to have the Great Londo
Mollari and his side kick G'Kar
on the same panel.  The two
of them, Peter and Andreas
were such a riot together.  
What  luck. Thanks Peter for
attending on such short
notice, you were a great
guest.  Please come back
Versatile talent Peter Jurasik has
successfully worked as an actor and
more recently as an author, co-writing a
science fiction novel entitled "Diplomatic
Act" for Simon & Schuster/Baen Books.
The actor's most recent acting projects
include two movies for cable, HBO's
"The Night Shift" and Showtime's "Huck
and the King of Hearts." Jurasik has had
regular and recurring roles on several
series including "Hill Street Blues," "Dear
John," "Beverly Hills Buntz," "Bay City
Blues" and "L.A. Law." He has also
guest-starred on shows spanning twenty
years of television including "M*A*S*H,"
"Taxi," "Columbo," "Perry Mason,"
"Dave's World" and "Civil Wars."
Andreas Katsulas
Peter Jurasik
Steve Austin
Andrea Thompson

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