Captain Elizabeth Lochley was hand picked by John
Sheridan to assume command of Babylon 5 when he
was to leave the post to become the president of the
newly formed Interstellar Alliance. Sheridan's decision
was based on her record, not on the fact that he and
Lochley were married for a short time.  Lochley's
loyalty during the conflict between Earth and Babylon
5 remained solely with Earth. She has a distinguished
record and has proven to be calm under fire and a
good diplomat.   Upon her arriving on Babylon 5, one
of her first duties was dealing with a problem with
rogue telepaths. Lochley is in a unique position, filling
both positions that Susan Ivanova and Sheridan left
behind - all rolled into one. The Interstellar Alliance
being stationed on Babylon 5 is not without stress
either, as her orders are sometimes contradicted by
President Sheridan.
What an incredible woman.  
Tracy is very talented and a
super nice person.  I simply was
impressed with her sincerity and
appreciation towards her fans.  I
first met Tracy at a
Vulkon Con
where I helped her and Jerry
Doyle during the convention,
then later at
DragonCon 2002.  
Both times she was very warm
and fan friendly.  She is very
family oriented, and even her
mother traveled with her to
DragonCon.  Hats off to you
Tracy for being such a great
Internationally known as Catherine "Cat" Grant, the laser-tongued society columnist of the Daily Planet in "Lois and Clark: The
New Adventures of Superman", Tracy's talent and versatility have been spotlighted in a variety of other roles well known to her
many television, movie and stage fans. Tracy held a secure place in the spotlight even before she began acting. Her talents
have brought her success in modeling, music, and sports as well as acting. She believes in having a balanced life; her many
interests not only provide that for her, but also enrich her acting career.
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