LENNIER (Bill Mumy) From the start, Lennier
has been completely dedicated to Delenn and
has promised to serve her for the rest of his
life. Lennier has studied the 97 dialects and
sub-tongues of Minbari and ranked "Master
Adept" in the laws of probability. He is also
skilled in Minbari martial arts.  Lennier is quiet
and efficient and is in charge of dealing with
many of the day to day jobs for Delenn. He is
honorable and willing to lie to preserve
someone else's honor. He occassionally
serves aboard the White Star with Delenn.
Lennier is in love with Delenn and left for
Ranger training shortly after she married
Sheridan. Lennier counts Vir Cotto as one of
his close friends.
The running joke at this Atlanta
Vulkon convention was that the
two of us were the red-headed
step children of sci-fi.  Bill and I
had a great time.  He knows me
as "Jennifer with two n's and
one f".  Making fun of how I
introduced myself.   Great since
of humor and an awesome
Actor, songwriter, recording artist, musician and writer Bill Mumy began his professional career at the age of
five. He has worked on more than 300 television shows, including his co-starring role in "Lost in Space," "The
Twilight Zone," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," "Bewitched" and "Matlock." His feature film credits include "Twilight
Zone--The Movie," "Three Wishes" and "Bless the Beasts and the Children." A member of the Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Mumy is a writer of a television series, comic books and short stories. He is
also one of four main composers who wrote and produced songs for the children's television series
"Adventures in Wonderland," for which he earned an Emmy nomination. Mumy is co-creator and writer of
Nickelodeon's current hit science fiction series, "Space Cases."
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