I met Chase at the
DragonCon 2003
convention in Atlanta.  It
was said that she was
under the weather that
day, but you couldn't tell.  
She was estatic to meet
her adoring fans (Sean
being one of them).  Very
high energy.  Would have
loved to seen her on a
Leeta. (Chase Masterson).  Bajoran national who
worked as a dabo girl in Quark's bar in 2371.  Leeta
seemed attracted to Dr. Julian Bashir.  Julian was
definitely receptive to her attentions. ("Explorers" [DS9])  
As an adjunct to her job, Leeta became something of an
amateur sociologist, well versed in such cultures as the
Trill.  Leeta's knowledge was useful when she
participated in Jadzia Dax's zhian'tara.  ("Facets"[DS9]).   
Leeta and Julian Bashier became romantically involved,
but later went to Risa in 2373 to perform the Bajoran rite
of separation.  Leeta was attracted to Rom, who she
thought was cute and very sexy ("Let He Who is Without
Sin..." [DS9]).  She almost left Deep Space 9 to take a
position managing a cafe on Jupiter Station until Rom
gave her a good reason to stay when he found the
courage to profess his love to her. ("Doctor Bashir, I
Presume?" [DS9]).

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