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Vaughn Armstrong Portrays Admiral Forrest, Korath, Telek,
many others  Vaughn Armstrong has played more
characters in Star Trek series than any other actor.  His
appearances range from the Klingon Korris on ST:TNG to
the Romulan Telek and a Hirogen on ST:Voyager, to his
most recent (and first human) role as Admiral Maxwell
Forrest on Enterprise.  Vaughn also appears as the Klingon
Korath at Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas.
You might not recognize this guy, but he has played
various 'aliens' in the Star Trek Universe.  I chose
this one because of the uniqueness of the
character.  Mr. Armstrong was super friendly to his
fans and I hope he comes back to conventions often
as I would like to get more pictures of the characters
he has portrayed.
2004 Dragon*Con
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