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Jan 25-27 2002.
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I have met Bill Shatner
three times now.  Once in
Georgia, once at a
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Carolina and most
recently in Orlando at a
Vulkon  Convention.   
Couldn't get a
personalized autograph
nor a picture with him, but
I had a great time
Kirk, James T. (William Shatner) - Commander of the original Starship
Enterprise during its historic five-year mission of exploration in 2264-2269.  
Starfleet serial number SC 937-0176 CEC.

Early Years:   ...Kirk was born in 2233 in Iowa on planet Earth.  At the
Academy, James Kirk earned something of a reputation for himself as
having been the only cadet ever to have beaten the "no-win" Kobayashi
Maru scenario.   He did it by secretly reprogramming the simulation
computer to make it possilbe to win, earning a commendation for original
thinking in the process.  Kirk's first assignment after graduating from the
Academy was aboard the U.S.S. Farragut.

Enterprise Years:   ...Kirk's greatest renown came from his command of a
historic five-year mission of the original Starship Enterprise.  By 2267 Kirk
had earned an impressive list of commendations from Starfleet, including
the Palm leaf of Axanar Peace Mission, the Grankite Order of Tactics, and
the Preantares Ribbon of Commendation.  Kirk's awards for valor included
the Medal of Honor, the Silver Palm with Cluster, the Starfleet Citation for
Conspicous Gallantry, and the Krafite Order of Heroism.  During that
original five-year mission, Kirk recorded a tape of last orders to be played
by Commander Spock and Chief Medical Officer McCoy upon his death.  
While trapped in a spatial interphase near Tholian space, Kirk vanished
with the U.S.S. Defiant and was declared dead.  His last orders conveyed
the hope that his two friends would work together, despite their
differences.  Kirk was once split into two personalities by a transporter
malfunction.  His living quarters aboard the original Enterprise were on
Deck 5.

Relationships:  ...A few years prior to his command of the first Enterprise,
Kirk beacme involved with Dr. Carol Marcus.  The two had a child, David
Marcus, but Kirk and Carol did not remain together, because their
respective careers took them in separate directions.Other significant
romances in Kirk's life included Ruth, with whom he was involved when he
attended Starfleet Academy, Janice Lester, with whom he spent a year,
also during his Academy days, Janet Wallace, a scientist who later saved
his life, Areel Shaw, who ironically, years later prosecuted Kirk in the case
of Ben Finney's apparent death, and Miramanee, a woman whom Kirk
married in 2268 when he suffered from amnesia on a landing party
mission.  ...Perhaps Kirk's most tragic romantic involvement was with
American social worker Edith Keeler, whom Kirk met in Earth's past when
he traveled into the 1930s through the Guardian of Forever.  Keeler was a
focal point in time, and Kirk was forced to allow her death in order to
prevent a terrible change in the flow of history.

After the Five-Year Mission:   ...Following the return of the Enterprise from
the five-year mission in 2270, Kirk accepted a promotion to admiral, while
the Enterprise underwent an extensive refit.   At the time, Kirk
recommended Will Decker to replace him as Enterprise captain, although
Kirk accepted a grade reduction back to captain when he regained
command of the ship to meet the V'Ger threat in 2271. ...Kirk became a
staff instructor at Starfleet Academy, but returned to active duty in 2285
when Khan Noonien Singh hijacked the Starship Reliant and stole the
Genesis Device.  Kirk's close friend Spock, was killed in that incident.  
Upon learning that Spock's katra survived, Kirk hijacked the Enterprise to
the Genesis Planet to return Spock's body to Vulcan, where the body was
reunited with Spock's Katra.  Kirk ordered the Enteprise destroyed in the
incident to prevent its capture by Klingons.  

...Kirk was an intensely driven individual who enjoyed hazardous
recreational activities.  A personal challenge that nearly cost him his life
was free-climbing the sheer El Capitan mountain face in Yosemite National
Park on Earth. ...Kirk carried the bitterness for his son's murder for years,
and opposed the peace initiative of Klingon chancellor Gorkon in 2293.  
He especially resented the fact that he was chosen as the Federation's
olive branch and assigned the duty of escorting Gorkon to Earth.  During
that mission, Kirk (along with McCoy) was arrested and wrongly convicted
for the murder of Gorkon by Federation and Klingon forces conspiring to
block Gorkon's initiatives.  Kirk nevertheless played a pivotal role in saving
the historic Khitomer peace conference from further attacks.  Kirk was
scheduled to retire about three months after the Khitomer conference.

Shortly after his second retirement, Kirk was an honored guest at the
launch of the Excelsior-class Starship Enterprise-B in 2293.  Kirk was
believed killed on that ship's madien voyage, although it was later learned
that he had actually disappeared into a temporal anomaly called the
Nexus.  He remained in the Nexus until 2371 when he emerged to help
save the inhabitants of the Veridian system.  Kirk working with fellow
Enterprise Captain Jean-Luc Picard, was successful in saving the
Veridians, but the heroic effort cost Kirk his life at the hand of the
deranged scientist, Tolian Soran.  James T. Kirk is buried on a
mountaintop on planet Veridian III.  He went boldly where none had gone
- The Star Trek Encyclopedia
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