I've met Kate twice
now.  Each time I leave
with a sense that I got
my moneys' worth.  
She can sell ice chips
to the Eskimos, Kate
would be a great
motivational speaker in
my opinion.  I would
gladly pay to see her
at another convention.  
Cheers   Kate on being
such a great guest.
Actress Kate Kiernan Mulgrew is the second oldest child
(oldest daughter) in a family of eight children. She
graduated from Wahlert High School. She attended
Northwestern University and the University of Iowa. She
earned an A.A. degree from NY University but left after her
junior year to pursue acting full-time. She went to Stella
Adler Conservatory, New York, New York, accepted into
NYU affiliated program. Kate Mulgrew was an original cast
member of the soap, "Ryan's Hope" (1975), playing Mary
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