Formerly Commander Susan Ivanova, and second in command of
Babylon 5, Captain Ivanova is now in command of the new Warlock
class destroyer. She will be in command of the new ship for a one
year shakedown cruise. She achieved the rank of Captain after
the war to liberate Earth. Captain Sheridan's last official action in
Earthforce was her promotion.   She was critically injured in the
battle against President Clark's new advanced destroyer group,
which used Shadow technology. The entire White Star fleet, under
Ivanova's command, outnumbered, destroyed the entire advanced
destroyer group. Ivanova would have died, if not for Marcus.
Marcus used the alien healing machine, that Dr Franklin used to
heal Mr Garibaldi, to heal Ivanova. The machine drains the life
energy from one person and transfers it to another. Marcus
sacrificed himself to save Ivanova's life.   She is a latent telepath,
probably not even a P1. She despises the PSI Corps. Her mother
was a telepath who refused to join the PSI Corps. She had to take
drugs to inhibit her telepathic abilities. On her 30th birthday, she
ended her life. Ivanova has been hiding her telepathic ability since
she was a child.
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