I was thrilled when I learned that
the 'Mr. Homn' was going to be
DragonCon 2002.  I guess it
was because he rarely spoke on
STTNG that I wanted to hear
him speak.  To my surprise he
speaks very softly.  I half way
expected a large, booming voice
from such a tall man, but instead
it was melodic.  He was just a
eager to meet his fans as I was
to meet him.  He sat on a few
panels, and was full of quips and
stories.  A sure one not to miss.
Homn.  (Carel Struycken).  Lwaxana Troi's attendant.  A dignified
humanoid male, tall in stature and few in words, with an impressive
capacity for intoxicating beverages.  Homn was also quite fond of eating
Betazoid uttaberries.  Mr. Homn's species and place of origin was not
known.  Carel Struycken also gained popularity for his portrayal of
Lurch in the Addams Family motion pictures.  Actor Ted Cassidy, who
played the original Lurch in the Addams Family television series, also
appeared in the original Star Trek in the role of Ruk in the episode  
"What Are Little Girls Made Of?" (TOS).  ~The Star Trek Encyclopedia
Carel Struycken
Lisa Wilcox
Julie Caitlin Brown
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