A superb guest.  Full of
energy, and eager to meet
his fans.  Bobby even
noticed me sitting down
at the bar by myself, and
asked me to join him and
his wife.  Thank you
Bobby for inviting me
over.   He is a caring and
generous man.  I hope to
see him at future
Gorn  Episode: Arena    Origin: unknown.  An intelligent, bipedal reptilian species who fought
with Captain Kirk on stardate 3045.6 under the assumption that the Federation was threatening
the Gorn claim to the planet Cestus III.
Gorn.  Civilization of reptilian humanoids.  Gorn forces destroyed the Earth outpost on Cestus III,
claiming it was an intrusion into their space.  The captain of the Gorn vessel and Captain Kirk
were transported to a planet by a race known as the Metrons, where each fought for the survival of
his respective crew.  Kirk won, but refused to kill the Gorn, after realizing that the Gorn attack had
been the result of a misunderstanding. "Arena"TOS]).  The territorial dispute over Cestus III was
later resolved, and Federation colonists settled on the planet. ("Family Business"[DS9]).

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