Andreas Katsulas is a riot!  I finally got
to meet him in person at
2002.   He and other Babylon 5 actors
put on a great panel discussion.  Peter
Jurasik and Andreas played off of
each other like two brothers.  Most of
the time causing the entire group to
burst into laughing fits.  I look forward
to meeting him again.
Andreas Katsulas has appeared in sixteen feature films including the
role of the "one-armed man" in the hit thriller "The Fugitive." His other
film credits include "Executive Decision," "Hot Shots Part Deux,"
"Blame It on the Bellboy," "True Identity," "Next of Kin," "Communion,"
"Someone to Watch Over Me," "Sunset" and "The Sicilian." Among his
numerous television appearances include roles on "Diagnosis
Murder," "Murder, She Wrote," "Neon Empire," "Max Headroom," "The
Equalizer," "Mancuso: FBI," "Star Trek: The Next Generation,"
"Hunter," "Jake and the Fat Man," "Father Dowling" and "Alien Nation".
Katsulas also has an extensive theatre background which includes a
15-year run with Peter Brook's International Company during which
he appeared in such productions as "The Mahabharata," "La
Tragedie de Carmen," "The Conference of the Birds," "Measure for
Measure" and "Uburoi."
Andreas Katsulas
Peter Jurasik
Steve Austin
Andrea Thompson

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Update:  I'm so sorry to tell you that
Mr. Katsulas left us for the Outer
Rim in 2006.  He will be truely
missed as an actor and as a great
man.  Andreas Kastsulas 1946 - 2006