MICHAEL ALFREDO GARIBALDI (Jerry Doyle) Michael Garibaldi's ties
with Babylon 5 were forged with the first commander, Jeffrey Sinclair,
long before The Babylon Project became a reality. He and Sinclair
crash-landed on a shuttle to Mars and stumbled across a secret
Psi-Corps facility. This led Sinclair to request him as security chief on
Babylon 5, despite opposition from the Earth Senate.  While
investigating possible illegal activities on Europa, an attempt was
made to stop him by rigging a shuttle landing pad. As a result,
Garibaldi's close friend, Frank Kemmer, perished when the pad
exploded. This incident is believed to be a contributing factor to
Garibaldi's past and present weakness - alcoholism.   In 2260, while
on patrol in his Starfury, Garibaldi was abducted by a Shadow vessel
and didn't reappear until some time later. After his return, Garibaldi
was different and began questioning Sheridan's orders. Finally having
enough of Sheridan's "second-coming" attitude, Garibaldi resigned
and started working as a private investigator on Babylon 5. Later in
2261 he was hired by William Edgars to help move items through
Babylon 5 customs. He moved to Mars late in 2261 to further work with
Edgars and was almost killed twice in unspecified incidents on Mars.
Garibaldi betrayed Sheridan and set a trap for Sheridan to come to
Mars, where he was imprisoned and questioned by Earth Force.   
Garibaldi later discovered that his resignation, betrayal of Sheridan,
and his work for Edgars Industries was in fact controlled by the Psi
Cop Bester without his knowledge. This controlling personality was
implanted while he was missing from Babylon 5, and was used to
determine if a threat against the telepaths existed.   After convincing
Sheridan and the other members of his inner circle that he was not at
fault, Sheridan appointed Garibaldi the leader of covert operations for
the new Alliance.
I worked a Vulkon Convention for Joe Motes in May 2002 in  assisting
the guest stars in whatever help they might need.  I was assigned to
Jerry Doyle to help him in the autograph line and at the autograph
table in the dealer's room.  Jerry and I had a blast with the fans and
other guests.  Jerry is a super nice guy, very down to earth and
always with a smile on his face.  Wonderful to work with, listen to,
and so very approachable for his fans. I just love his stories!
Always know this: Jerry is extremely
funny, but he does curse, a lot! I've
enjoyed every show despite the
swear words.  Don't miss his act, but
leave the kids with the babysitter.
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