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Me with Beverly Washburn at the
Dragon*Con 2004 Convention
Beverly Washburn.  Such a nice
guest.  Unfortunately I didn't get to
see her panels as I met her at the
Dragon*Con convention in
Atlanta.  They have so many
panels, and some are at the same
time slots that I had to choose
between Star Trek, Stargate SG1,
FireFly, and Babylon 5.   Aaaagh...
so many panels... so little time, but
thats convention life for you.  I'm
sure Beverly had a ton of stories to
tell.  I'm sorry I missed them.  But at
least I got to met with her at the
Walk of Fame and talk with her
there.  Super nice person!
Galway, Lieutenant.  (Beverly Washburn).  
Enterprise crew member who was part of the
landing party to planet Gamma Hydra IV in 2267.  
Galway contracted a readiation illness that sped
the aging process.  Though she was ten years
younger than Kirk, she succumbed to the
disease, dying of old age.  ("The Deadly Years"
~The Star Trek Encyclopedia
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