Put Richard Biggs and Jason Carter in the
same room and you have An Evening at The
Improv.  Without a doubt, these two get along
great.  They play off of each other every chance
they get, and the results are funny.  Don't miss
out any opportuninty to see either one, but
never miss the two of them together.

5/22/04 Update:  I am sorry to write that Richard
Biggs has passed away.  He will be sorely
missed by all who ever met him, including me. :(
Richard Biggs played Dr. Marcus Hunter in "Days of Our Lives"
and had guest-starring roles in "Falcon Crest," "The Twilight
Zone," "T.J. Hooker" and "It's Garry Shandling's Show." His theatre
credits include productions of "Romeo and Juliet," "The Tempest,"
"Shadow Box," "Look Back in Anger" and "Fanon's People."
DR. STEPHEN FRANKLIN (Richard Biggs) Dr. Stephen Franklin is a
Xenobioligist, who loves his job and is passionate about saving lives.
This passion has gotten him into trouble on numerous occasions,
when he has performed unwanted surgery, even though the patient
knew that they would die if they did not operate.  Dr. Franklin is also
know to bend or break the rules to try and help people. He runs an
unlicensed clinic in downbelow when he can. He also helped
telepaths escape Psi-Corps several times by hiding them in a
downbelow sector. This operation has since been closed down when
Bester came onto the station looking for unlicensed telepaths he
knew were hiding there. Dr. Franklin had trouble with an addiction to
"stims" - a drug that helps to keep the user awake longer. He has
been known to stay up for 36 hours at a time. This addiction to stims
was noticed by Garibaldi, who offered help. When Franklin refused it,
Garibaldi was forced to look into it further. He stopped just before he
found out that Franklin was addicted. He discovered he was indeed
addicted and decided to resign from Medlab before he did something
stupid and went on a "Walkabout" to find himself.   Later in 2260,
Franklin was brutally stabbed in down below trying to help someone.
As he lay dying, he met himself, and decided he didn't like what he
saw. After "talking with himself" he decided he wanted to try again,
and crawled and stumbled into a public area where he was taken into
Medlab for treatment.   Franklin later rejoined the command staff in
his former position
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