France mentioned that of all
the parts she has played, this
one... the one of Elaan of
Troyius she hated because
the charater was so mean
and not a nice person.  She
is amazed that there are
those of us (like myself) who
enjoyed her performance
even though the  character
was so mean.   I think she did
a great job.
Elaan (France Nuyen)  - The Dohlman of planet Elas.  Elaan married
the leader of the planet Troyius in 2268, an arranged marriage
intended to bring peace to the two warring planets.  Elaan was
shuttled from Elas to Troyius aboard the Starship Enterprise.  The
flight was deliberately slowed in the hopes that Elaan would take the
extra time to learn more of Troyan culture.  The willful Elaan at first
strongly reseisted having a new culture forced upon her, but later
accepted the responsibility.
("Elaan of Troyius" [TOS])
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