Delenn was appointed as Ambassador to Babylon 5 by the Grey
Council, a secret group of the Minbari ruling body composed of
members from all three different castes of Minbari. Her mission
was to keep an eye on the commander of Babylon 5, Jeffrey
Sinclair, whom the council found out has a Minbari soul - in fact the
soul of their most highly revered leader.  Delenn was at one time an
aide to Dukhat and became a member of the Grey Council through
his training. She was present at his death, which occured at the
hands of Earth forces when first contact with them went terribly
wrong. She gave the deciding vote in the Grey Council to wage war
with the Humans, resulting in the Earth/Minbari War.   In 2258, was
chosen to become the leader of the Minbari, but turned it down to
see through the possible prophecy of Valen. To help further the
relationship between Minbari and Humans, Delenn transformed
herself (through use of a triluminary) at the end of 2258 into a
melding of human and Minbari. This angered the Grey Council and
resulted in her replacement by Neroon She later dissolved the Grey
Council, as Valen one said would happen. In 2261 she formed a
new Grey Council with preference given to the Worker caste.   
Delenn is born of the family of Mir, and is a descendant of Valen
and married to John Sheridan. In one future, Delenn and Sheridan
have a son, David
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the title role.
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