Played By: Walter Koenig  Final Rank: Commander  Full Name:
Pavel Andreievich Chekov  Serial number: 656-5827B  Year of
birth: 2245  Education: Starfleet Academy, 2263-67  Marital status:
Single  Starfleet Career Summary  2263 – As ensign, took first
posting on U.S.S. Enterprise under Capt. James T. Kirk as
navigator  2269 – Promoted to lieutenant, named security chief to
Capt. Will Decker on refit of Enterprise  2277 – Assigned to U.S.S.
Reliant under Capt. Clark Terrell  2285 – As commander and
Reliant First Officer, witnessed Genesis incident and captain's
death  2286 – Charged and cleared of theft of Enterprise a year
earlier with fellow officers  Chekov was the navigator on the original
U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk. An only
child, his youthful career was so full of brash pronouncements of
Russian ethnic pride and accomplishments he became a good-
natured joke among his superiors.  Although he was always a
promising officer with a career to bear it out, the young Chekov was
prone to hot-heated actions and romantic attachments. While
attending Starfleet Academy his involvement with fellow cadet Irina
Galliulin broke off when she dropped out of the service before
graduation in disdain for its structure. Years later they met again
when she and other Eden-seekers with Dr. Sevrin were aboard.  
Following the end of his first five-year mission, Chekov was
promoted to lieutenant when he was assigned as security chief
aboard the refit U.S.S. Enterprise. Assigned to the U.S.S. Reliant in
2377 and promoted to commander within eight years of that, he
was first officer to the ill-fated Captain Clark Terrell during the
Genesis Project incident and Khan Singh's grab for it. For the next
few years he remained one of Kirk's trusted officers and stood with
the group in the theft of the Enterprise to refuse Spock's body and
katra, and then faced the UFP Council when those charges were
dropped.  Chekov suffered serious wounds when time-traveling to
1986 during an attempted escape from the U.S.S. Enterprise naval
aircraft carrier when suspected of being a Soviet spy of the time.
He would have died if left to contemporary medicine, but was saved
thanks to McCoy and went on to help secure the Khitomer Peace
Accords – followed shortly by his shocked witness to Kirk's
apparent death at the christening of the newest U.S.S. Enterprise,
the NCC-1701-B.
Walter is one of my favorite
actors.  I have met him
several times through out
the years. He has a
wonderful sense of humor,
and loves to joke around
with other guest stars and
with his fans.  He can be
reserved at first, but once
he opens up to you, he is a
real gem!  I am looking
forward to seeing him in
future conventions.
Walter also played one of my favorite bad guys...
Bester in Babylon5.
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