Cartagia became Emperor of the Centauri Republic, after the
deaths of Emperor Turhan and Prime Minister Malachi. He was the
nephew of the late Emperor, and thus was put into the position of
Emperor by Lord Refa. Refa did this because Cartagia was
sympathetic to Refa's plans for Centauri Prime, and Refa could use
Cartagia. During the end of the Shadow war, Londo Mollari was
recalled to Centauri Prime to be Cartagia's adviser on planetary
security.   Emperor Cartagia was insane however. The Shadows
went to Centauri Prime to keep some of their ships there. Cartagia
agreed to let them stay, if they would grant him godhood in
exchange for his loyalty. This did not happen, but he believed it
would. When the Vorlons were headed to Centauri Prime, Cartagia
was willing to let the entire planet burn, if if would grant him his
godhood. Londo, and others, saw that he was insane and new that
the only way to save their world was to kill Cartagia. They lured him
to Narn to perform G'Kar's trial and execution. G'Kar created a
diversion, and Londo took Cartagia away. Now vulnerable, away
from his personal guards, Londo tried to insert an untraceable
poison into Cartagia. He failed, but Vir was nearby and he finished
the job.
I met Bob along with Claudia and
Alexandria (Aphrodite on Xena &
Hercules) at a Slanted Fedora
Convention in NC.  Super fun
bunch as they did a full on 1 hour
show with the three of them that
had us rolling in the isles.  And
the bonus of the weekend: it's not
every day you get your picture
taken with an Emperor.
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