Dr. Beverly Crusher was born Beverly Howard in 2324 to parents Paul and Isabel Howard in
Copernicus City, Luna. After her mother died, her grandmother Felicia Howard brought up Beverly. As a
young girl her mouth often got her into trouble with her teachers and friends, breaking off one date with
Tom Norris by saying "Is that a beard, or is your face dirty?" An incident she later came to regret, and
that she learned a valuable lesson from.     She survived the terrible tragedy on Arvada III with
grandmother after the colony's medical supplies were exhausted. In the disaster, she helped care for
survivors as her grandmother taught her about medicinal uses of herbs and roots.   Beverly entered
Starfleet Academy Medical School in 2342, and then married Jack Crusher in 2348 after he proposed
by giving her the book "How To Advance Your Career Through Marriage?" Their mutual friend Walker
Keel introduced her to Jack. Their son Wesley was born the following year. Dr. Crusher did internship
on Delos IV under tutelage of Dr. Dalen Quaice in 2352. After her husband Jack Crusher dies serving
on U.S.S. Stargazer, under the command of Captain Picard, Beverly pursues a Starfleet career,
becoming the Chief Medical Officer on the Enterprise-D in 2364. In her first year aboard the Enterprise,
Beverly, with Picard, Data, and Lt. Whalen, were trapped inside the holodeck in an approximation of a
Dixon Hill story, after a Jaradan probe damaged the holodeck.    In 2365, Beverly left the Enterprise for
a year to become Head of Starfleet Medical leaving her son Wesley on the Enterprise.  Next year,
Beverly returned to replace Dr. Pulaski as the Enterprise's CMO. That year she became romantically
interested in a man whom she named "John Doe."   They found him within an unexplored star system
within the Zeta Gelis Cluster, on a crashed spaceship. Bringing him aboard, Beverly discovered that
"John" had suffered total amnesia, and that his body's damaged cells were mutating wihtout any
explanation. "John Doe" was a fugitive from the planet Zalkon.  He and three others were the first to
experience a wondrous mutation into a higher plane of existence. After protecting the Enterprise from a
Zalkonian vessel, "John" left the ship.  In 2367, she became trapped in a static warp bubble after her
son Wesley's experiment went wrong. The bubble took the form of her own private universe where her
thoughts become reality.   In this universe, the crew started to disappear one by one, starting with
Beverly's mentor and friend, Dr. Dalen Quaice, after he reminds her of her own sense of loss after the
death of Jack.    The Traveler, from Tau Aplha C, arrived on the Enterprise to help retrieve the missing
Doctor. With his help, a vortex gateway was created to return Beverly to her own reality.  Later that year
she fell in love with the Trill Ambassador Odan, during his mediation with the inhabitants of the Peliar
Zel moons.   When a shuttle carrying Commander Riker and Odan to the negotitaions is attacked,
Beverly discovers that the Trill are a joined species, of a host and symbiont. The Odan host was fatally
injured, leaving Beverly to place the symbiont Odan in stasis. To help to put an end to the dispute,
Riker volunteered to serve as a host to Odan, which complicated matters between Beverly and Odan,
as she felt that she didn't know who she fell in love with.   Eventually, Odan is successful in the
negotiations, and is removed from Riker's body. A new Trill host arrived for Odan, a female, and it is at
the point that Beverly and Odan separated amicably.  Beverly is an accomplished dancer, as she
earned the nickname "The Dancing Doctor". Even giving Data tap lessons for the O'Briens wedding as
he had found out that she once won first place in a dance competition in St. Louis.   She is also
interested in amateur dramatics; founding an acting workshop aboard the Enterprise. To date she has
staged productions on the Enterprise of several plays including "Cyrano de Bergerac", in which Beverly
cast Lieutenant Barclay in the title role, opposite her role as Roxanne.     In "Frame of Mind" she cast
Commander Riker as a psychiatric patient in a machiavellian hospital, incarcerated for a homicidal
offence, and she also staged the play "Something for Breakfast", trying to get Captain Picard to play the
role of the butler.  In 2369, Beverly invited a team of scientists aboard the U.S.S Enterprise to test a
new metaphasic shield technology. Dr Reyga, a Ferengi scientist, equipped a shuttlecraft with this
new shield. It was piloted into the corona of a star by the Takaran scientist, Jo'Bril, who died during the
flight, although his death was not attributed to solar radiation.  Unable to find a cause for Jo'Bril's
death, Beverly began an investigation, which took an unexpected turn as Dr. Reyga was found dead;
an apparent suicide. But Beverly would not accept this, and so performed an autopsy on Reyga,
against Ferengi custom, but to no avail.  Beverly was then relieved of duty as Chief Medical Officer, until
she decided to test the shuttle herself.  En route she was attacked by Jo'Bril, who had faked his own
death. After a brief struggle, she killed Jo'Bril, and managed to return to the ship, where she was
reinstated as Chief Medical Officer.   Following an incident with the Borg that year she temporarily
became Captain of the Enterprise-D, employing the metaphasic shield to destroy a Borg ship
threatening the Enterprise.  In 2370, Beverly and Captain Picard are kidnapped by the Prytt, whilst on a
diplomatic mission to Kes-Prytt Three, and are telepathically linked to each other. During their escape
from their captors, Beverly learnt that Picard had fallen in love with her, while Beverly was married to
Jack. But that he didn't act on his feelings because he didn't want to betray his best friend. When they
are rescued and returned to the Enterprise, Picard and Beverly decide not to persue a relationship,
and prefer just to remain as friends.   That year, Beverly's grandmother, Felisa Howard, died, and
Beverly returned home to attend the funeral on the Caldos Colony. Whilst there, Beverly discovered that
her grandmother had taken a lover named Ronin, who was actually an anaphasic life-form that had
been using her family to sustain his existence for over eight hundred years. Beverly was at first taken in
by Ronin, as she resigned from Starfleet to remain on Caldos with him in order to become a healer
like her grandmother. In the end, Beverly was forced to kill him in order to protect Data and Geordi, as
well as herself.   Later that year, Beverly was severely injured by Worf, while he was under the influence
of Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome, which Beverly had inexplicably developed when a routine
synthetic T-cell treatment became mutated. She was placed in stasis and required reconstructive
surgery.      In 2372, Beverly was re-assigned to the Enterprise-E after the destructive of the
Enterprise-D a year earlier. As part of the Enterprise-E's crew, she travelled back in time to Earth in the
21st century, at the time of Zefram Cochrane's first warp flight, to stop the Borg from assimilating Earth.
She brought aboard a survivor of a Borg attack on an Earth outpost, a friend of Zefram Cochrane, Lily
Sloane, who was infected with Theta radiation. As the Borg began to take over the Enterprise, Beverly,
with the help of the E.M.H. program, rescued Lily and the other medical staff from sick bay.  Later on in
their mission, Beverly was one of three officers responsible for activating the self-destruct sequence,
as Picard decided to destroy the ship hoping to take the Borg with it.  In 2373, Beverly, and other
members of the crew of the Enterprise-E, lead an insurrection against Starfleet Admiral Dougherty and
his allies, the Son'a. Their incursion on the Ba'Ku, whose planet has special regenerative powers,
leads Beverly and the others to evacuate the Ba'ku from their village, and to counter the Son'a threat.   
Along the way, Beverly discovers that the Ba'ku and the Son'a are in fact the same race, a piece of
information that helps Picard win a friend among the Son'a, called Gallatin. Beverly reunites Gallatin
with his mother, as he had been exiled from the Ba'ku planet a century before.
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